Feature Plant

Forest Sheoak

Allocasuarina fraseriana

An erect, common understory tree that grows 15m high, with fibrous, reddish-brown bark and slender, green branchlets or needles.  Flowering time is from May to December (late Djeran to early Kambarang). The male and female flowers occur on separate trees.  The orange-brown male flowers are borne at end of branchlets and the reddish female flowers occur singularly on shortened branches of their own.  This tree grows in lateritic soils in the jarrah forest and in white, grey or yellow sand on sand dunes, often in association with banksias.  

Sheoaks are from a family of very ancient plants which existed before most Australian flowering plants.  They fix nitrogen in the soil and are much valued in Noongar culture as they enrich our nutrient poor soils.

This plant was featured in the latest edition of the Greenpage newsletter.