Feature Plant

Mudja or Mooja or Christmas Tree 

Nuytsia floribunda

Named after Peter Nuyts who sailed around the south and west coasts in 1627. 

Tree or shrub, growing to 10m high, with thick branches and rough, grey-brown bark.  Leaves are dull green, linear with no leaf stalk.  Yellow-orange flowers from October to January.  It grows in sandy and gravelly soils, with granite, laterite or limestone, on sandplains, healthland, hill slopes and bases of rocky outcrops.  In the Darling Range it is mainly found in rocky or damp places.  Nuytsia is a root hemiparasite, a most unusual tree.  It is the largest member of the mistletoe family but instead of attaching itself to branches, the roots attach themselves to roots of nearby plants to obtain nutrients.

This plant was featured in the latest edition of the Greenpage newsletter.

Mudja or Mooja or Christmas Tree