Wattle Grove Nature Discovery Playscape


Wattle Bushes: Wattle Grove gets its name from the large number of wattle bushes that once covered the area in yellow flowers and from the low lying nature of the land. In the early 1900s a large 70 acre farm was developed here and named Wattle Grove Farm.

Water Supply: Woodlupine Brook which runs through the park supplied much of the fresh drinking water to the foothills suburbs in the early 1900s. Other water sources were Yule Brook or ground water sources.


Enhancing childrens play: The Nature Playscape has been designed to enhance children's interaction through design elements of the park focusing on testing and developing children's balance and climbing skills encouraging creative play in a natural environment. There are also great facilities for a family picnic including gazebo, picnic tables and drinking fountain.

Teddy Bears Picnic: Teddy Bears Picnics are held monthly at various sites within the Shire of Kalamunda including here at the Nature Playscape.


Natural Environment: The Park has been designed with a focus on natural elements including extensive use of timber, prominent creek bed and natural resources in construction. The landscaping also includes native plants and aims to encourage children to engage in the natural environment from a young age.