Tomato Lake


Growing Tomatoes: In the early twentieth century, former Belmont Councillor (S.Craig) owned a number of sites in the area. One such site was Tomato Lake on which he used to grow tomatoes, maize and potatoes when the lake was dry.

Demand for recreation space: As housing development increased the residents' demand for open public space increased. Several parks and bushland areas were developed from the 1950s onwards. A trout farm was attempted on the site in 1955. The redevelopment of the waterlogged area into the current form of Tomato Lake was finally conceived and started in 1981.


Kiosk: The Tomato Lake kiosk is open Wednesday to Sunday from 10.00am - 5.00pm. The kiosk serves breakfasts, light lunch, coffees and ice-cream.

Outdoor exercise equipment: Is located on Scenic Drive and is available for the public to use.


Storm water basin: Many drainage reserves in the City of Belmont, including Tomato Lake, have been established as Parks & Recreation areas with an ancillary drainage purpose. The City now manages the reserves and has undertaken ecological restoration to enhance biodiversity values.

Habitat: The lake and wetland supports a wide variety of birdlife, frogs and long-necked tortoises. The interpretative boardwalk and bushland provide extensive information on the lake environment and habitat.


Tomato Lake Walk: A 1.5km walk trail makes a loop around the outer perimeter of Tomato Lake. This walk trail can be shortened to approximately 1km by crossing over the lake at the boardwalk.