Feature Weed


(Freesia alba x leichtlinii)

Freesia (Freesia alba x leichtlinii) is a serious bushland weed commonly occurring in a variety of disturbed habitats. This horticultural hybrid is a tufted plant with soft, light basal leaves arising annually from a perennial corm. It has white or creamy yellow tubular flowers that are arranged to one side of the flower stem. During spring flowering freesias are a common site across Perth’s Eastern Region and their perfume is sweet and strongly scented.

Freesias reproduce by seed, bulbils and corms. Manual control methods include cutting flowers to prevent seed set and repeated mowing before flowering over several years can also provide good control. Freesias can be removed by hand weeding; however it helps to loosen the soil prior to removal to prevent the corm breaking off.

For advice on chemical weed control please consult a qualified integrated weed management expert.



Freesia (Freesia alba x leichtlinii)

Freesia (Freesia alba x leichtlinii)

Photo: Plants out of Place (Shire of Mundaring, 2020)