Feature Weed

Amazon Frogbit

(Limnobium laevigatum)

Amazon frogbit is a floating aquatic plant that has been distributed for use in private ponds and aquariuams, being promoted as an easy-to-maintain plant. However when allowed to enter waterways Amazon frogbit is a highly invasive species with a rapid growth rate and high reproduction potential. Amazon frogbit was initially discovered in  Western Australian waterways in 2013 in Liege St. Wetlands.

Prevention and early detection are key to managing Amazon frogbit. Inappropriate disposal of aquarium and pond water into the stormwater netweork or directly into waterways is thought to be the cause of each outbreak.

Removal of biomass is critical to prevent any potential seed dispersal, either mechanical or manual depending on the site. Contact SERCUL on 9458 5664 if any shops are found to be selling Amazon Frogbit.

This weed was featured in the latest edition of the Greenpage newsletter.

Above: Amazon or Smooth Frogbit (Limnobium laevigatum)