Feature Plant

Forest Sheoak

(Allocasuarina Fraseriana)

Allocasuarina Fraseriana is a medium sized tree which will grow to be 15m tall and approximately 0.5m to 1m wide. It has a heartwood texture which is dark-red to brown, and the sapwood pale yellow. 

It occurs in the South west region of Western Australia, along the coastal and hinterland from Perth to Albany. It can be seen to flower in late winter and early spring, male trees will have a rusty brown hue during this time where female trees will have small flowers on short branchlets. Fertilised flowers develop egg-shaped nuts from 1.5 to 3.5 centimeters in diameter. 

Fraseriana honours the botanist Charles Fraser and was first collected in 1840. Although the Noongar people used to use the tree needles for bedding and shelter as the needles were like a cushion, they often covered it with a kangaroo skin for a bed.