Feature Plant

Spreading Snottygobble

(Persoonia elliptica)

The spreading snottygobble is a small tree up to 6 m tall found in the Jarrah forest. Its buds, flowers and fruit are all very similar to those of upright snottygobble, but it has a spreading appearance, corky bark and elliptical leaves. The spreading snottygobble used to be a common plant around the Eastern Region but they are now becoming more uncommon. Their seed is hard to germinate and the fleshy leaves are favored as browse by kangaroos, so only few young plants make it to an age where they can set more seed. In the past, emus would eat the fleshy seed that fell to the ground and through abrasion in their tough gut, they would assist germination and spread the seed in their droppings.

Spreading Snottygobble (Persoonia elliptica)