Mundaring Sculpture Park


Eastern Railway: European settlement of Mundaring began as early as 1840 and was largely driven by Timber cutters felling Jarrah and Karri trees. The first freehold title was not granted until 1882. The population swelled with construction of the first route of the Eastern Railway line to Mundaring (located on the site of the Sculpture Park) and extension to Mundaring Weir. The extension was purpose built for the construction of the weir and was opened in 1898. Following construction the line became popular for visitors travelling from Perth, but eventually ceased operations in 1952 due to a lack of operations. This was followed two years later by the closure of the Mundaring Loop line.

Station Masters House: The railway station was one of the first buildings erected in Mundaring following the gazettal of the town in 1898. The Station Masters house was built some time later and is one of the few remaining railway residences in the area.

Sculpture Park: The Mundaring Bicentennial Community Committee developed the park in 1988 to provide better access to the recreational and cultural heritage of the area.


Amphitheatre: Often used for community events and summer concerts the amphitheatre provides a great meeting place within the park.

Sculptures: Some of Western Australia's best known artists have created an assortment of sculptures in the park including 'Tourists' by Stuart Ellis and the 'Mother' park bench by John Tarry.


Park Redevelopment: The Shire of Mundaring has begun redevelopment of the park to ensure that the area is accessible, has high amenity and recreational values and includes interpretative elements. The park will become the gateway to the Mundaring Weir Precinct that connects the town centre with the Weir. Planting will be undertaken in key areas to develop habitat, represent native flora for interpretation and to increase amenity around picnic areas.


Railway Reserves Heritage Trail: Located within the picturesque Perth Hills, the Railway Reserves Heritage Trail retraces 59km of the old Eastern Railway that formerly linked Fremantle to York in the late 1880s.

Munda Biddi: WAss first long distance mountain biking trail stretches from here in the Perth Hills to Albany in along the south west coastline. The 1,000km trail passes through scenic river valleys and eucalypt forests using a network of bush tracks, firebreaks and disused railway formations.

Kep Track: The Track is part of the Golden Pipeline project to commemorate the water supply pipeline built in the 1890s to pump water to Kalgoorlie. Built mainly on a rail formation, the 75km Kep Track stretches from Mundaring to Northam. Learn about CY O'Connor's pipeline while you walk or ride the Kep Track.