Point Reserve


Bathing Sheds: Swimming became popular in many areas along the Swan River in the early 1900s. Swimming clubs were established and numerous bathing sheds were erected. Point Reserve was commonly used for swimming club competitions.

Daylesford House: Located on the south point of the reserve Daylesford House was erected in the early twentieth century to house the State's first Director of Education, Cyril Jackson. At the time the area was known as West Guildford. Cyril Jackson was the first Chairman of the West Guildford Roads Board and was influential in the development of state schools, compulsory education, a standard curriculum and requiring qualified teachers.

Pensioner Guard Cottage: Located a few hundred meters behind the reserve on Surrey Street is the historic Pensioner Guard Cottage. Pensioner Guards were soldiers who had fought for Britain and therefore were supported with a pension. Many arrived on convict ships as they were offered free passage for themselves and their families in exchange for working as guards on the convicts journey and wardens in convict depots. The Pensioner Guard Cottage located off the end of Old Perth Road on Surrey Street has been restored and is open from 1.30pm to 4.30pm on the last Sunday of the month.


Avon Descent: The Avon Descent white water race is a uniquely Western Australian sporting event and is held annually on the first weekend of August. Paddle and power craft battle 124 kilometres in a two day time trial from Northam to Bayswater down the Avon and Swan Rivers. The parks and reserves along the river are the perfect spot to watch the race.

River Access: Point Reserve is a formalised location for river access for fishing, swimming, kayaking or other recreational activities. By accessing the river from here you are assisting the protection of river banks in more fragile locations.


Confluence: The Helena River joins the Swan River at Point Reserve. The Avon and Swan Coastal Catchment are drained into the Avon River which becomes the Swan River at Walyunga National Park near Bells Rapids. The Helena River flows through Mundaring Weir over Darling Scarp and across the plain to meet the Swan River.

Mosquitoes: The Rivers were blamed for many illnesses in the late nineteenth century, particularly as a home for mosquitoes and bad odours. Many of the wetlands were drained in the early twentieth century. In attempt to eradicate the mosquito population thousands of small fish were introduced to the Swan River. This along with the increase in industrial waste being discharged into the river in the mid-twentieth century led to degradation of the Rivers ecosystems. The Swan River Conservation Act 1958 began formal regulation of river pollution and this was developed further with the Swan River Trust Act 1988 which gave broad planning protection and management functions to the established Swan River Trust.


Bassendean Wicked Walks: Explore the rich diversity of the Town of Bassendean on your choice of three circuit walks, each ranging from 2.6km to 3kms in length. Walkers can discover the historical Town of Bassendean's heart; stroll through natural bushland, or along the banks of the Swan River.