Old Perth


Town Centre: Bassendean (formerly West Guildford) was selected as a new town site in 1831 as the town lots in Guildford were filled. When West Guildford cut ties with Guildford in 1922 a new name was needed and Bassendean was chosen. The area developed quickly in the 1890s following construction of the rail line linking Perth to Guildford. Further development occurred with migration and public housing construction in the post-war years. The traditional town centre is located around Old Perth Road between the train station and the football oval. The 'Heritage Gates' at Steel Blue Oval are the original gates which were erected in 1929.

Steel Blue Oval: The oval has been used as a recreation centre for over 85 years with the original gates still standing today at the entrance to the park. The oval has been home to the Swan Districts Football club since 1934 and has two stands recognised for their heritage value along with the gates.

Pensioner Guard Cottage: Bassendean was initially populated by famers and Pensioner Guard Families. Pensioner Guards were soldiers who had fought for Britain and were therefore supported with a pension. Many arrived on convict ships as they were offered free passage for themselves and their families in exchange for working as guards on the convicts journey and wardens in convict depots. The Pensioner Guard Cottage located off the end of Old Perth Road on Surrey Street has been restored and is open from 1.30pm - 4.30pm on the last Sunday of the month.


Old Perth Road Markets: Monthly markets are held on Old Perth Road. In the winter months (April to October) the markets are held on the last Sunday of the Month from 9.00am - 1.30pm. For the summer months the markets are moved to the evening of the last Saturday of every month from 5.00pm - 9.30pm (In December the market is held on the Saturday before Christmas, and no market is held in January).

Football: The Steel Blue Oval is the home of the Swan Districts Football club and regularly hosts football matches in the winter months.


Efficient Lighting: Street lighting on Old Perth Road from the train station through to the Town of Bassendean's shopping and community precinct was upgraded in August 2013 with energy efficient Light Emitting Diode (LED) globes. LED lights are a semiconductor device that converts electricity efficiently into light. The 56 old-style 70 watt High Pressure Sodium lamps along Old Perth Road consumed around 18,800kWh per annum. These lights were replaced with new LED lamps that are expected to use 6,440kWh each year, which is an energy efficiency gain of over 65 percent. The anticipated annual saving of 12,400kWh represents around 10 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions abated.


Bassendean Wicked Walks: Explore the rich diversity of the Town of Bassendean on your choice of three circuit walks, each ranging from 2.6km to 3kms in length. Walkers can discover the historical Town of Bassendean's heart; stroll through natural bushland in Eden Hill, or along the banks of the Swan River at the Ashfield Flats wetlands sanctuary

Swan River Heritage Trail: Commencing at historic Tranby in Maylands, this 14.7km driving and cycling trail traverses the Bayswater and Bassendean foreshores along the Swan River, and offers various river recreational opportunities.