Monthly talk- Piesse Brook Rehabilitation

Past Event

Ken Patterson will talk about the work the Friends of Piesse Brook have done over many years to improve the environment of this lovely brook which runs down from Pickering Brook to join the Helena River just above the pumpback dam.

It passes through areas of orchards and farmland where, over the years, the natural stream-side vegetation had been replaced by weeds such as blackberry and watsonia which had spread down into the national park.

So a Friends Group was formed to start doing something about this. Ken will explain what they have done and illustrate his talk with excellent ‘before and after’ photos.

Event Details

Time: 7pm - 9:30pm

Venue: Octagonal Hall, 52 McGlew Rd Glen Forrest

Cost: $2

Event Date(s)

  • Friday 27th August 2021

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