Noongar Season 


October / November – Warming, rains ending – The Wildflower Season

Kambarang brings longer dry periods accompanying a definite warming trend.  Families move back towards the coast where freshwater crayfish (gilgies), frogs, turtles and blue marron are caught.  Awakening snakes and goannas are a good source of food during the season.  Balgas flower prolifically if they’ve been burnt in the past year. 

A wealth of colours and flowers surround us: the yellows and creams of the hakeas, delicate pinks and blues of orchids and the vivid red and green of the kangaroo paw.  At this time, the dramatic display of the vibrant orange and yellow flowers of the Nuytsia (Christmas Tree) signals that heat is on the way.  

The Noongar season of Kambarang was featured in the latest edition of the Greenpage newsletter.


Kambarang tree